Babson Entrepreneurship Program open for USFQ students

Babson Entrepreneurship Program open for USFQ students

Babson College, the #1 institution in the world for entrepreneurship education, in alliance with Universidad San Francisco de Quito invites all USFQ students to participate on the:

Babson Entrepreneurship Program
Experience the Best in Entrepreneurship Education at Babson College

Babson will provide participants with an experience aimed at maximizing opportunity and success through stimulating classroom activities, hands-on faculty involvement, interactive group sessions, networking gatherings, and more. As participants in Babson’s Entrepreneurship Program, students will learn from esteemed faculty at the #1 institution in the world for entrepreneurship education.

The Babson Entrepreneurship Program is structured in a 5-day format. Engaging sessions will focus on such relevant topics as:

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • Negotiations
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Family Enterprise
Banson College has been ranked by the U.S. News & World Report as the #1 school for entrepreneurship for 17 consecutive years. Babson was the first institution to make a strategic commitment to entrepreneurship education in the mid-1970’s and currently has the largest dedicated faculty of entrepreneurship educators in the world. In 2010, Babson faculty were given an A+ rating in teaching quality by students in a survey conducted by Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. Through strategic partnerships with educational institutions, foundations, non-profits, governments, and NGOs around the world, Babson prides itself on advancing economic, social, and personal development through global entrepreneurship education. More than 800 students come to Babson through the program to learn entrepreneurship each year!

Registration deadline: 30 March 2011
For more information, please contact: Franklin Velasco, tel. 2971700 ext. 1274 or ext. 1983, email:

The Babson Entrepreneurship Program is held on the beautiful Babson College campus, located just 20 minutes from downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Time is allocated outside of the curriculum for recreation and the opportunity to explore Boston, a city rich in history and culture. Nestled into the New England area of the Atlantic seaboard, Boston and its surrounding areas offer something for everyone to enjoy: harbor cruises, historic tours, museums, shops, sporting events, renowned restaurants, and much more. Our Enterprise Education staff is always happy to make sightseeing recommendations.

Students will explore thought-provoking content and learn principles of entrepreneurial thought and action. Leveraging Babson’s leadership, the Babson Entrepreneurship Program will provide current insights and perspectives on entrepreneurship. Upon completion of this program, certified participants will:
  • Be motivated to engage in entrepreneurship activities and businesses.
  • Have a more comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneur and the entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Understand the process and content sides of being an entrepreneur.
  • Comprehend and develop the Business Planning Process.
  • Demonstrate the capability to learn from real cases studies and other interactive classroom workshops.
  • Understand the value of experiential learning.
  • Participate with innovative ideas in a business contest in order to understand how to work as a team and develop his or her entrepreneurial mindset and marketing techniques.

This program is designed for students from leading universities worldwide. The diversity of the teaching faculty will provide unique perspectives and entrepreneurial aptitude that will enrich the learning experience for all. At the end of the program, participants will receive a certificate confirming their completion of the Babson Entrepreneurship Program. It is therefore expected that participants be present for all sessions. Course materials and lectures are taught in English, so participants must be proficient in both speaking and reading English. Students are required to prepare for each class, participate in class discussions, and be actively engaged in presentations and group work.

The Babson Entrepreneurship Program is designed as a course to be delivered at Babson College. The course will include case studies, break-out sessions, videos, group presentations, and lectures, and is designed around complementary topics. Strong emphasis will be placed on acquiring knowledge about the primary and secondary topic areas of entrepreneurship, as well as the development of strong negotiation skills. Participants will be expected to complete assigned readings within the program to further develop their knowledge about entrepreneurship.

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